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Enlightened Woman Publishing presents

its first book by Dr. Kellie V. Hayes

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Praises for The Enlightened Woman...

“When reading one’s obituary there’s a standard entry regardless of race, age, gender or cause of death. It’s the date of birth and the date of death. More resonant is the “dash” between those two dates that contains many stories, lessons, and pivotal moments. How we “work the middle,” determines our legacy and how we will be remembered. Some may think my illustration is morbid. I prefer to call it “sounding the alarm” to women “transitioning through midlife” to live your best life every day. Find some sweetness daily. Make the moments between the hot flashes matter (girl, shut up LOL). We each have the power and get to choose how we negotiate our dash. The not so pleasant moments can be transmuted into significance, fulfillment, wisdom, and deep meaning. Intention determines impact. The Enlightened Woman: Inspiration and Reflections to Rediscover the Joy of Being You in Midlife and Beyond, by Kellie Hayes, is a must read for every woman approaching, currently in or coming out of midlife. After you read it, then leave the light on for another woman. Share this book along with your lessons. We are enlightened to elevate others. The best is yet to come!

Dr. Vikki Johnson Chaplain,

Speaker, Author, & Creator, Soul Wealth®

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“The permission that has been granted in this book for women to embrace the inevitable reality of navigating through their midlife journey is necessary and on point. Throughout the writing of Dr. Kellie Hayes’ book, The Enlightened Woman, you realize that Dr. Kellie took time to go inward and what has emerged is the charge to embrace inward and outward positive and productive change for the here and now, and the future. Receive the insight, wisdom, and direction from one who has done the work needed and reminds us that midlife is more than hot flashes and sleepless nights. It is a God opportunity that can be an inspirational and empowering time in a woman’s life. Read, reflect, enjoy, and step into your destiny!”

Rev. Dr. Jo Ann Browning, Co-Pastor
 of Ebenezer A.M.E. Church Fort Washington, Md.

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Enlightened Woman

"Dr. Hayes has shown us the way to let go of self-limiting beliefs that have kept us from embracing our true worth and beauty. Her sound spiritual wisdom and thought-provoking questions challenge us to be open to a higher level of understanding and truth. Every page is packed with inspiration reminding us that every stage of our lives is a gift to be embraced. And as we persevere through the inevitable challenges, we will rediscover the joy of becoming our authentic selves.”
Minister Natalie Brown Rudd, author of Stormy Weather: Twenty-five Lessons Learned While Weathering the Storms of Life

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