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Meet Dr. Kellie

Meet the Author and CEO of

Enlightened Woman Enterprises, LLC


Who are you becoming? A crucial question I asked myself as I pondered the direction I needed to take for the second half of my life. A question we all must ask as we transition from one season of our lives to the next. I was directed to go inward and after what Spirit called “five months of transformation,” I emerged awakened, aware,

alive and unapologetically authentic! I also emerged with an assignment. To invite and empower women to take the journey to themselves so that they will prosper by showing up in the world as their authentic selves. I am a mid-life mid-wife of sorts, providing a sacred and safe space for coaching and coming alongside women as they

give birth to their brilliant selves! That sacred sister space is the Enlightened Woman Experiences.

Embracing and Evolving. I am Midwest born, Cleveland Ohio. The only daughter of a fiercely loving single mother and a tribe of warrior women. I am a devoted wife to Harold Bernard. I am a mother to Shante (David), Shannon and Joshua. I am Gigi to Tehila Brittany Jade and Daria Patricia Jo. I am an educated woman, attending

Hampton Institute (now University), Wesley Theological Seminary (Masters and Doctorate), and Leadership Education at Duke Divinity. I am a certified executive/transformation coach through Dream Releasers Coaching. I am an entrepreneur as partner in H & K Global Enterprises and CEO of Enlightened Woman Enterprises, that encompasses, Enlightened Woman Publishing, LifeVision Coaching & Consulting and Lead Tech. I am a soror of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. The Sisterhood is divine.

Not without a struggle. Yet, I know what it’s like to lose yourself, your edge, your dreams and your passion and zeal. I know what it’s like to discover that your biggest issue is YOU! Let’s not lose heart, it’s time to breathe and dream again! My heartbeat is to advocate for and remind women of the power they possess within. That they would know they are loved, enough, qualified and capable of pursuing a fulfilling life without apology. No more shrinking back, it’s time to live and love out loud!

It starts with a simple step....believe in yourself. What if you are and I are responsible for our own quality of life? Well, we are! I invite you to awaken to the limitless possibilities before us, walk in awareness of our God-given beauty and come alive and embrace our authentic selves. Are you ready? Let’s get started.


Dr. Kellie


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